East Austin Community Hills 

Neighborhood Association 

"An inclusive neighborhood, a place to hang your hat."

 E.A.C.H. Committees

Crime and Safety Committee 

Chaired by: Jennifer Brown

Committee members: Earth Drum, Alan Graham, Chris Blanke  

Community Outreach Committee

Chaired by Lane Krarup

Committee members include:  Jennifer Brown, Patt Jackson

Want to join a committee or start a new one? Come join our next meeting and share your ideas!  

Executive Committee

Andrew Bucknall, Chair

andrewbucknall@yahoo.com    (512) 299-0187

Patt Jackson, Vice Chair

pattjackson@sbcglobal.net  (512) 441-4457

Amelia Jarema, Secretary 

aljarema@gmail.com  (989) 395-4570